August 12, 2011

Hot Chocolate Vs Hot Coffee

Between Hot chocolate and hot coffee. Which one would you prefer the most? :)

It has been ages Sharmimi Razak didn't show her love to this lovely beloghhhh! wtfish -_-

Today, my classmates and I were having BEL 260 class with Mr Izzat. ( Am i using the past continuous tense properly peeps?) ;P Well, as usual 6 hours per week! BEL classes are just sooo long compared to other 4 core subject (obviously it is Chemistryyhh, Maths, Biohhh and PHYSICSS). SAYYY ITT YEAAAAHH, we can go back earlyyyy for every BEL class YIPPIE, horrayy!

Speaking Test. Wait Waiit. We are not having our speaking test YET but its just for preparation for us to face it next week or should i call it exercise for speaking test? ( Hehh me). Im not giving my very best on class just now. i hate that. Since our group which is consist of 4, my part was the worst part. Hydil, Afiq and Fasha did well except for me. I flip out my points, blaah blaaah blaaaah padan muka kau mi! Group-mates, i'll give my very best on our speaking test next 2 weeks yaaaaap! InsyaAllah :D

Whatever it is, I'm proudly announce that our group ( TOTALLY SPIES) WON THE GAME FOR TODAAAAY! A very BIG CLAP FOR US *CLAAAAAPPCLAAAAPCLAAAAP. OK stop it -_- Thanks to Azmyza's group. Their presentation was superbly awesome and funyhhhhh since they make few examples by their own way and we all laughed down to the earth!

Taraappaapaaa 3 macho guys. Not bujang lapok. they are bujang hothothot HAHAHA :D
Hydil (click on his name! Now now noww!) , Doi & Arif :)

The jejakas and the daras ; THE WINNER! :D

Introducing my housemates ; Lela, Danisha, Zira <3

Alahamdulillah. There was A LOT of food during Iftar with housemates. Erghhh, nasib larat terawihhhh kehkehhkehh ;D And yahh obviously still banyak lagi lebih and kitorang satu 
rumah save untuk sahur esokk! :)

Selain daripada itu, we managed to finish our Physcis lab report by 1 hour! CLAPCLAPCLAP*
Alhamdulillah 1 kerja settled :)
mana taknya, Wani dengan sibuk nak balik cepat sebab housemate tak bawak kunci. Kathy heboh ngantuk nak balik cepat cepat. See, Aku, Fadhilah & Yana je cool kan kita 3 hehe (:
Kalau ada button like, aku dah like daaaaah banyakbanyak kali sebab ade groupmates macam korang, senang nak cooperate and buat diskusi :D 

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things

PS, ignore the grammmaaaarhhh mistakes. LOL


  1. Best entry nie
    Salam kenal,
    nice blog,
    done following you,
    Kalau free jemput singgah ke blog saya,
    Bagi komen and nasihat ok.

  2. group azmyza tuhh, azmyza azmi eh? lela tuu delaila eh? dua2 tuh dulu sekolah same dgn syaza . hee

    nice blog . admire much <3

  3. syazwina! hahaha what a small world. yes they both mimi jumpa kt sinii :)

    nice meeting u! :)
    Thanks :)