May 12, 2011

My 10 Wishes :)

#1 sangat sangat berharap dekat mane aku sambung belajar, aku akan sentiase rajin & tabah & tak give up :D

#2 I wish i can have new handphone right now, murah pun takpe. im sick with this stupid phone ;|

#3 I wish i could eat as much as I want without gaining weight, -_______- I WISH!

#4 I wish to have more money, HUIHUHIHIIHIHIHIIUUII

#5 More clothes, shoes, HEH typical heh ;|

#6 Pass with flying colour on JPJ test, kehkehkeehhh, its on a veghy special dayy ;P

#7 Car. Where the fuel tank is always full. Without me spending a single penny phewwww phewwww :D

#8 Internet connection wherever i go ^_____^

#9 You, yes you understand what is inside my head right now -___-

#10 Kawin atas awan, HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAA :)

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