July 13, 2008

What are FRIENDS for

If one day u feel like crying...
call me.
i don’t promise that i will
make u laugh ,
but i can cry with you.

If one day you want to run away,
don’t be afraid to call me.
i don’t promise to ask to
i can run with you.
if one day you don’t want to
listen to anyone..... call me.
i promise i to be there for you
but also i promise to remain quite.
but one day if you call.....and
there is no answer......
come fast to see me.

perhaps i need you.
send this to all your friends,
no matter how often you talk,
or how close you are,
and send it to the person who
sent it to you.
let old friends know you
haven’t forgotten them,
and tell new friends you never will.
remember, everyone needs a
don’t ever leave the one you love
the one you like,
because the one you like will
you for the one they love :)

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